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Gravity – ĊineXjenza 2018/19Organized by Spazju Kreattiv

Gravity – ĊineXjenza 2018/19


ĊineXjenza is a series of science cinema events which encourage discourse around topics at the forefront of science and society. After the film screening there’s a chance to share your views and critically analyse themes expressed in the film including climate change and if humanity’s behaviour can be changed. The discussion will be an open forum and our science communication experts will facilitate dialogue between the audience. For the full programme of ĊineXjenza 2018/19 events, visit Gravity | 2013 | Alfonso Cuarón Throughout Gravity the protagonists are often on their own leading to an extreme feeling of isolation. This leads to individual questions and ultimate decisions about their own mortality and what may be best for the other at the expense of oneself. Join CineXjenza’s experienced science communicators and specially selected experts from the University of Malta as we explore the science and critically analyse Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 sci-fi thriller Gravity. Dr Ryan Stone is a medical engineer on her first space mission, accompanied by the seasoned astronaut Matt Kowalski, who is leading his last operation before retiring. Their mission is jeopardised when a Russian missile hits a nearby satellite resulting in a chain reaction of exploding space debris which inflicts irreparable damage to the shuttle. The astronauts’ only chance of survival is to reach another space station. But they are short of oxygen and fuel… CineXjenza is supported by the STEAM project. It is run by the Malta Chamber of Scientists, in collaboration with SpazjuKreattiv. Wine and light refreshments will be served during the discussion.


Gravity – ĊineXjenza 2018/19

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Organized by Spazju Kreattiv