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Voyager: National TourOrganized by ZfinMalta - National Dance Company

Voyager: National Tour


42 years ago NASA sent two space probes called Voyager to study the solar system. On it they included a gold plated time capsule to communicate the story of humans and our planet to any other species. Paolo Mangiola, ┼╗finMalta artistic director teamed up with visual artist Austin Camilleri to work on a dance production inspired by this intriguing event. Set to an original electro acoustic score by Veronique Vella and with original costumes by Luke Azzopardi, come and experience Voyager a performance created for the incredible dancers of the National Dance Company of Malta during their national tour.
50% ticket concessions are given to children under 16, students 16+ (on presentation of their student card) and senior citizens. This can be validated by activating the coupon code "VOYAGER" during check out.


Voyager: National Tour

Category: Dance
Organized by ZfinMalta - National Dance Company
8 Recommended Minimum Age