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Perfume by Moveo Dance CompanyOrganized by Teatru Manoel

Perfume by Moveo Dance Company


Perfume is a contemporary dance performance of smells, based on Patrick Suskind’s novel about a human living in A performance that is ''both damned and blessed” dealing with one fatal ambition: to rob ''a living creature of its aromatic soul.'' A performance embedded in sheer physicality which will transport the theme to an honorary present tense. Perfume represents a way of abandoning the constrictions of conventional naturalism without falling into the familiar trap of a self-conscious ''experimentalism'' or ''modernism.'' It accommodates a realism that has nothing whatever to do with ordinary social or psychological observation, but that retains the strength of a fable. A dance performance which is sure to keep you glued to your seats as you witness obsession, murder, and sex entwined and portrayed through the seamless motion of contemporary dance.


Perfume by Moveo Dance Company

Category: Dance
Organized by Teatru Manoel
8 Recommended Minimum Age