What is Kultura Malta?

The Kultura Malta is an mService app and responsive website by the Government of Malta, used for the promotion of public cultural events carried out by Arts Council Malta, all the public cultural organisations falling under it as well as other public entities who may wish to use the system (such as Local Councils).  The system also allows users to purchase tickets for cultural events (if applicable) as well as provide further data about the events and related venues.  When a user registers for an account, purchased tickets can be stored in the app itself without needing to print a hardcopy since the ticket can be validated from the smartphone itself.


Do I need to register an account?

Creating an account is optional but gives the user additional benefits such as bookmarking favourite events and saving purchased tickets on the app instead of printing them.  When registering a new account you can optionally give your mobile number so that you may be contacted in case of emergency, such as event cancellation etc.


I need to contact customer support

In case of difficulty please get in touch here: